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Boost your Takealot & Amazon reselling business with our expert product sourcing. We make it easy to find and resell high-demand products on Takealot & Amazon. Tailored for resellers, our service covers everything from selection to fulfillment and delivery. Helping you grow your business effortlessly
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Benefits of Selling On Amazon with Source Seven Fulfillment

Tailored Amazon Integration

Simplify your Amazon journey with our specialized integration services. We help align your product catalog with Amazon’s requirements, ensuring seamless inventory management and efficient listing processes.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Depend on us for reliable fulfillment services tailored for Amazon. We handle the logistics from storage to shipping, ensuring your customers receive their orders promptly and enhancing their shopping experience.

Strategic Product Sourcing

Access a diverse range of products ideal for Amazon’s global marketplace. Our team assists in sourcing products that meet market demand and trends, keeping your Amazon store competitive and attractive.

Dedicated Amazon Support

Benefit from our comprehensive support specifically designed for Amazon sellers. From initial setup to advanced strategy development, our team is here to provide expert advice and assistance.
SA / CN Amazon-Optimized Products

Elevate Your Amazon Business with Specialized Product Solutions

Enhance your presence in the Amazon marketplace with our expertly sourced SA and CN products. Benefit from our efficient shipping solutions, both locally and internationally, to ensure prompt deliveries to your Amazon customers. Differentiate your business with custom-branded invoices, adding a unique touch to every order. Our solutions are specially designed for seamless compatibility with Amazon, streamlining your selling process and making your business stand out in this vast e-commerce space.
Optimize Your Amazon Success

Expand Your Amazon Sales with Source Seven

Boost your Amazon store to new heights with our tailored support. Source in-demand products effortlessly with the help of our experienced team, available around the clock. Elevate your Amazon listings with custom branding for your products and packaging, setting your offerings apart. Competitive pricing keeps your business at the forefront in the Amazon marketplace. Collaborate with Source Seven for unparalleled success on Amazon.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

At Block Seven, we’re dedicated to adding exceptional value for our clients and cultivating beneficial partnerships. As a company founded by and for entrepreneurs, we understand your journey. Here’s what our clients, colleagues, and friends have to say about the difference we’ve made in their business

Bob Luyinda
Bob Luyinda
I am thrilled to share my positive experience with this company, emphasizing three standout qualities: quality feedback, openness, and helpfulness. The quality of the service provided exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in every interaction. The company not only delivered on their promises but consistently sought feedback to ensure continuous improvement. This dedication to quality sets them apart in the best possible way. The openness of the company is truly refreshing. Their transparent communication and willingness to address any concerns or queries create a trusting and positive customer experience. I felt informed and valued throughout the entire process, fostering a sense of partnership rather than a mere transaction.
David Botha
David Botha
I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Tristan and his incredible team at Block Seven. Their expertise in the digital realm is nothing short of extraordinary. When I first approached them, my online business was doing just OK, but I knew it had potential. Tristan and his team took on this challenge with remarkable enthusiasm and professionalism. Their approach was comprehensive, tackling various aspects of online marketing with a level of skill and dedication that is rare to find. In just a few months, they have managed to increase my sales to well over R100,000 per month, a figure I had only dreamed of previously. Their strategies were tailored specifically to my business needs, demonstrating their commitment to personalizing their service. What really sets Tristan and his team apart is their exceptional friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile. Every interaction with them has been a pleasure. They are not only experts in their field but also genuinely caring and supportive professionals who are invested in their clients' success. I cannot recommend Block Seven highly enough. If you're looking to elevate your online business, Tristan and his team are the go-to experts. Their blend of expertise, professionalism, and personable approach makes them a standout in the digital marketing world. Thank you, Tristan, for your outstanding work and for playing such a pivotal role in the growth of my business!
Clinton Handford
Clinton Handford
Been working with BlockSeven for a couple months now, truly a great team. Their ongoing guidance is truly priceless and has helped me elevate my business to the next level. Looking forward to the future with them by my side.
Neale du Plooy
Neale du Plooy
I run a photography company and contacted Tristan and Block Seven to assist me in selling my products online. I wasn’t technically savvy and needed some help with selling online and Tristan was able to assist me with this new venture. I’m now successfully selling online and looking forward to continuing my success! I took the inclusive development package from Tristan and so far happy with the experience
Tydo Beatz
Tydo Beatz
The course is amazing! I recommend it to anyone who wants to start dropshipping / takealot selling :)
Ashwin Van Der Ross
Ashwin Van Der Ross
i am writing this review to express my utmost gratitude to tristan for the exceptional assistance and guidance you provided me throughout the process of getting accepted on takealot.your support has and is truly invaluable,and i cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to ensure my success.
Nathan Nathan
Nathan Nathan
I must say, Block Seven has really taught me a lot and I can say that I am running a profitable business because of them and all their learning material that they provide as well as assistance. I would HIGHLY recommend them!
ethan bright
ethan bright
Tristan has created a well detailed e commerce course which covers all aspects of drop shippong and takealot selling. Tristan and Dihan have great customer service for people who are still learning which provides for a great learning platform. Would highly recommend this course.
Ivan Engelbrecht
Ivan Engelbrecht
Best website for any online shopper with great price and quality products.

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